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Joint Commission Online - Emergency Management Tools

Emergency Management Standards Supporting Collaboration Planning - 2016 The Joint Commission accredits the full spectrum of health care providers – hospitals, ambulatory care settings, home care, nursing homes, behavioral health care programs, and laboratories. For emergency management, many of the standards that apply to hospitals apply to other settings across the care continuum. As such, the Joint Commission’s emergency management standards provide a valuable foundation and guide for health care organizations to coordinate planning and response efforts and establish health care coalitions. Read More.

Emergency Management Lessons Learned

The Joint Commission has conducted post-disaster debriefs with multiple health care organizations, and has compiled lessons learned to help other organizations see how their peers have addressed complex challenges in preparedness, response, and recovery. Learn more.

Standards Sampler for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) The Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (CAMAC) contains the set of standards that have been designed to evaluate a variety of ambulatory care settings, including ambulatory surgery centers and diagnostic imaging centers. The manual can also be used as a comprehensive self-assessment tool that you can use to prepare for a Joint Commission on-site survey. Open the Sampler

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