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Within healthcare facilities, it is imperative that life safety and fire protections systems function properly to ensure that all patients, staff and visitors in the facility are protected during emergency situations.  Numerous elements of the facility such as the means of egress, fire and smoke barriers, emergency electrical systems and fire alarm systems are vital and are required to be properly constructed and maintained.  Below are some of the services that Life Safety Healthcare Consultants, LLC provide in order to ensure your facility is adequately protected and maintained.


Life Safety Assessments require time, specific training and personnel knowledgeable of current regulatory standards and requirements.  In an effort to comply with these numerous requirements, facility managers and maintenance personnel are being asked to perform more of these tasks, thus leaving a small amount of time to thoroughly assess the physical environment of your facility.  

Our life safety assessment and mock surveys include a thorough review of your facility's Physical Environment including construction documents, areas above and below the ceiling level to determine the proper location and maintenance of fire and smoke barriers, egress components and assemblies as well as testing, inspection and maintenance documentation. 

The success of your next inspection or accrediting survey by local and regulatory personnel depends on maintaining continual compliance.  Life Safety Healthcare Consultants, LLC can provide the basis you need to maintain continual compliance with confidence.


Accrediting agencies require that Risk Assessments are performed by healthcare facility's on a frequent basis to identify risks that may subject patients, staff and visitors to potentially dangerous conditions.  Our team of clinical and life safety specialists have assisted numerous facilities in identifying potential risks and remedial methods in order to maintain continual compliance with regulatory requirements.

Utilizing and making proper decisions during the initial phases of design and construction of your facility will maximize the success of your endeavor. Being proactively involved during all phases of the design and contractor selection process can avoid costly mistakes and ensure regulatory compliance early on in the process.  Our team of specialists have been involved in the design and construction of numerous healthcare facilities throughout the United States.  Maximize your potential by contacting us today for all of your development needs.



In certain cases, surveyors and inspectors may discover deficiencies that may have a severe financial impact and physical burden on the facility itself.  One alternative that may be used with proven success is a Fire Safety Evaluation System (FSES).  The FSES was created to provide a means of achieving an equivalent level of life safety measures without having complete and literal compliance with the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101).  This system utilizes a matrix that establishes the general overall level of fire safety in a facility.

The Centers for Medicaid & Medicaid Services (CMS) as well as deemed status accrediting agencies may accept the equivalency of a passing FSES score as-is or as part of a Plan of Correction. 

The FSES may only be prepared by certified professional individuals  as designated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Our team of specialized individuals can provide you with an FSES if needed, resulting in a cost savings of potentially millions of dollars.


Pursuant to the adoption of the 2012 Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid in 2016.  All facilities shall have all fire rated door assemblies and doors located in fire and smoke barriers inspected by January 1, 2018.  Supporting documentation is required per NFPA 80 Standards.   Our team of inspectors are well versed and qualified to perform these services annually to help you maintain continual compliance. 


Our team of specialists have developed numerous policies and procedures for healthcare facilities for over 20 years.  Various policies are required for your physical and clinical environment per regulatory agencies.  Specific and quantitative elements are required for full compliance.  Life Safety Healthcare Consultants, LLC can assess and develop the proper policy and procedures to help your facility maintain continual compliance. 


The integrity of Fire & Smoke Barriers in your healthcare facility are vital to the prevention and containment of fire and smoke.  Our qualified team of inspectors will conduct a thorough review of your fire and smoke barriers for compliance with applicable codes and regulations.


Life Safety Healthcare Consultants, LLC offers professional facility management services to ensure that your facility maintains required features of your facility for compliance with CMS requirements.  Our knowledge and experience in the various facets of construction can lead to cost reductions and improved reliability of your systems.  Contact us today to see how we can help you stay up to date. 

Proper operation of Fire and Smoke Dampers in rated assemblies are vital to ensuring you are maintaining a safe environment for your patients, visitors and staff.  All dampers shall be inspected upon initial installation, one year after installation and every four years thereafter in buildings other than a hospital; where inspections shall occur every six years.  Our experienced personnel can provide the proper inspections and documentation required to meet these standards.  Contact us today to schedule your next inspection. 


Life Safety Healthcare Consultants, LLC offers a vast array of educational sessions as they pertain to the Physical Environment of your healthcare facility.  Do you want to be better educated on the numerous requirements and regulations adopted by CMS?. Call us today to schedule an educational session at your facility.   

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