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"We have engaged the services of LSHC for the past several years to perform Mock Surveys, Policy Review and Staff Training on a semi-annual basis.  We have successfully maintained our deemed status from CMS thanks to them. LSHC is truly a professional organization that provides quality services with positive results."  

- Dr. Thomas G.

"Knowing we may have some physical environment deficiencies we contracted Life Safety Healthcare Consultants to provide a mock survey of our Medical Facility for compliance several months prior to our accreditation survey.   LSHC identified numerous deficient items and helped us correct them prior to our successful survey.  Mr. Crowder was extremely invaluable to our facility.  His professional and courteous delivery and explanation of each deficiency helped our team become better educated and in essence, approved for continued deemed status by CMS.  We look forward to having him visit our satellite facilities and continue to assist us on a regular basis and would highly recommend LSHC to any facility that desires to be in a constant state of preparedness for upcoming surveys and inspections."  

- Dr. John P. - Chairman of the Board

"Life Safety Healthcare Consultants were strongly recommended by our new accrediting agency to assist us in our upcoming deemed status survey for our new surgery center.  The entire LSHC team was truly committed to ensuring we had the tools and resources available and performed an extremely thorough review of our facility, policies and initial acceptance documentation.  It was a very pleasant and educational experience that resonates what teamwork is all about.  We PASSED - thanks to LSHC and their team.  We will most definitely be seeking there services in the future for upcoming developments.  Well worth the time and effort.  Thank you LSHC, we look forward to a continuing relationship and cannot express how much more relaxed you made us feel during the survey."

- James S. - Facility Administrator

" We would like to thank our clinical consultants for getting us in contact with Mr. Crowder and the LSHC team.  They were extremely quick to assist, knowledgeable and helpful.  I would highly recommend LSHC for any future consultations."

- Dr. Larry P. - Physician/Owner

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